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Titan River Cruises

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Why must Join Titan River Cruises – Cruising Rhine River

Summary: Titan River Cruises offer various unforgettable trips, but Rhine Cruise is a highly recommended package to try for some good reasons.

Explore Rhine River with Titan River Cruise

Explore Rhine River with Titan River Cruises

If you love doing river cruise especially in Europe, you can pick Titan River Cruises as one of the most popular cruises and something you really must try at least once. Rhine Cruise, especially, will give wonderful experiences of cruising in one of the most important rivers in Europe. With Titan River Cruises, you will absorb the beauty of the Rhine while refreshing your knowledge about the historical importance of this river, and of course enjoying hours of having fun in the river, away from daily stress.


What to See in Titan River Cruises – Rhine Trip

Rhine River encompasses wide areas from the peaks of Swiss Alps to the wide and raging North Sea, and has become a very important river in the history of Europe. There are many things to see during the Rhine Cruise trip with Titan River Cruises, from natural beauty to old castles and architectural beauty to modern cities developed beside this important river.

Rhine is also the source of numerous legends and myths that perhaps shape your fantasy of mythical creatures when you were children, especially the stories of Loreley the water nymph and Siegfried the Germanic warrior that slain a dragon. This is a trip that you will never forget.


What to Enjoy in Titan River Cruises – Rhine Trip

 There are many things to enjoy in this Titan River Cruises trip. For example, you can enjoy delightful accommodation and dining room at the luxurious ship prepared specifically for the trip. To absorb the atmosphere  perfectly, you can eat gourmet meals at beautiful dining room and drink at luxurious semi outdoor bar on the deck, watching the glistening river as you sip your cocktail.  Stage entertainment and games are also available to help you enjoying the time. Rhine Cruise is one of the most favorite Titan River Cruises, so make sure you enjoy it to the fullest.

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Saga Cruises

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Saga Cruises for Classic Cruise Trip 



Summary: Saga Cruises offer delightful classic British cruise trips for those who want to enjoy water trip with elegance and relaxing atmosphere.

Enjoy the danube river view with saga cruises

Enjoy the danube river view with saga cruises

Are you bored with all those fancy, colorful, clamoring cruise tours full of parties and crazy pool games? Maybe you want to enjoy the more subdued atmosphere with Saga Cruises. Founded in year 1951 as a part of The Saga Group, the cruise offers sea and river trips with the signature style of British holidays and leisure style: elegant, classy yet still dandy. Saga cruises packages are mainly opened for British passengers, although some packages are opened for North American passengers.


Saga River Cruises

Saga Cruises offer trips around popular destinations including Danube river cruise.  The river of Danube is very welknown.  People call Danube river as queen of Europe that it flows 11 countries and 18 territories.  The river flow through popular  cities and countryside sucvh as  Budapest in Hungary, and Vienna in Austria  The passengers of Cruises will enjoy the ships with classy and refined atmosphere, which is perfect if you are looking for some classier options for luxury cruise. The atmosphere is made in a way so the passengers can feel pampered and relaxed in classy way, but not too uptight as the dress code is more like semi casual.


If you compare the trips on Saga Cruises with many other cruise trips, you will notice the differences; Saga Cruise has relatively low key entertainments to be enjoyed in rather casual manners. Also, you can enjoy some very British services such as afternoon tea with snacks and pastries, as well as beautiful serenade to accompany your relaxing tea time before getting ready for dinner.


Exclusive Facilities of Saga Cruises


Saga Cruises offer facilities such as games, stage entertainment such as cabaret and ballroom dancing, libraries, and fine dining restaurant options. There is spa and massage center, but it is relatively small. Unlike many luxurious cruise ships, the ships in this cruise package do not have glitzy mall and casino, and therefore are more suitable for those who enjoy classy, quiet, relaxing entertainment. Join Saga river Cruises now and enjoy the British style entertainment on a cruise.

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Rhine Cruises

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Breathtaking Views on Cruising the Germany’s Rhine

Beautiful view along the Rhine Cruises

Beautiful view along the Rhine Cruises

When the name of the Rhine River is mentioned, many people will instantly think about Germany. The Rhine River does flow across Germany, but it also flows across several other countries such as Austria, France, Switzerland and the Netherland. In line with that, the term Rhine cruises usually make people think about cruises on Germany.

Rhine cruises Germany offer breathtaking views of castles, valleys, historical cities and towns, vineyards and many other views. Germany Rhine cruises offer you more. You can enjoy the beauty of the Black Forest; you also have the option to take “Rhine in Flames,” a theme of the Rhine cruises during the summer. This package of Rhine cruises features fireworks show at night.

How Long You Can Spent Times on Rhine Cruises

Enjoy the beauty of Amsterdam when you take Rhine Cruises

You may enjoy the beauty of Amsterdam when you take Rhine Cruises

You are free to select your preferred Rhine cruises; it can lasts from one hour to one full month. To enjoy the beauty of Germany, it is recommended that you take the medium length cruises. AMA Waterways, for example, offers 11-day cruises that start in Munich and take you to Nuremberg, Bamberg, Rudesheim, Cologne and Amsterdam. These cruises are held under the theme Oktoberfest Escape. Another package of Rhine cruises from the company is called Rhine Winter Voyage which lasts for 13 days. Starts in Besel, these cruises will take you through the Black Forest and visit Strasbourg, Heidelberg and Cologne.

If you don’t have much time, or if you are a tourist, you can choose best Rhine river cruises that last for a couple of hours. Loreley-Linie Weinand, for example, offers day and evening  cruises from Boppard to Lorelei rock which end in St. Goar. These Rhine cruises takes approximately 90 minutes. With these cruises, you can buy either one way or round trip ticket. Between April and October, the company offers night Rhine cruises that last for about three hours every Wednesday.

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River Cruises Italy

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River Cruises Italy, Sojourning Your Rigid Mind


Description:  River Cruises Italy can be extraordinary experience to explore the country through a river. Po River is the longest river in Italy, which is worthy trying. 

Have a beautiful view on River Cruises Italy

Have a beautiful view on River Cruises Italy

When you don’t find any tourist destinations to visit, you may consider river cruises Italy.  Probably, you may have never been so bored with your routines until you find Po River. This is the longest river in Italy, which is worthy exploring. Italy offers great affections and destinations to visit. Venice carnival may attract you with Venetian masks, or you only need to adore the inspiring Michelangelo’s great paintings.

European River cruises Italy offers you a great moment to remember in the rest of your life. You can visit the great eternal city of Rome, the splendid and historical traces of Coliseum, St. Peters’ Basilica, and Sistine Chapel. Italy is also known for its great arts, architecture, and music. Beautiful ports and local wines may be your next attractions to enjoy.


Why You Should Take River Cruises Italy?

To enjoy the most beautiful panorama in Italy through Po River from Venice to Rome, you should take the river voyage. There are several benefits of having river cruises to


  • It costs you lesser than your initial expectation on luxurious rooms you enjoy onboard;
  • Roomy, extra space and lovely cabin are available to escape from your exhausting days;
  • It is Comfortable and unfailing river voyage;
  • It brings personal contentment.

It is true that you can begin the tour from Venice. The travel continues to Padua, Verona, and Ferrara. You can visit Florence, the birth of Renaissance, where great painters were born. Floating hotel may enhance your enjoyment, especially when you get the travel for your wedding anniversary.

So, what is your expectation on river cruises Italy? Local culinary and wines may bend your rigid mind. You may explore the local brewery and local traditions. It takes only few meters away from the Po River’s side to reach the excursions. Moreover, let your curiosity lead your way through charming and adorable places along river cruises Italy.


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Viking Cruises Europe

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Viking Cruises Europe

An Amicable and Cozy Voyage

viking cruise europe

viking cruise europe

Summary: Viking cruises Europe is an exceptional aquatic travel to bring you through Europe, Russia, Ukraine, China, Southeast Asia and Egypt.

Have you planned for such a long voyage through water? Or, is it your time to have such a romantic experience on your honeymoon? Viking Cruises Europe will make your dream come true. In so many ways, individuals are getting impressed to beaches and attractions offered by seashore. River voyage can be a good option. You can travel from Venice to Rome, for instance, and continue to Padua and Ferrara.

Certainly, individuals have different perspectives in observing the tourism objects along the voyage. Many others have stated that, “It’s beyond the area passed by the cruise. But, it’s the romance you can get along with your partner is really a matter.” Perhaps, spending sometime on the vessel is the ideal concept of building a romance.


Reasons for Choosing Viking Cruises Europe

Definitely, there is no single thing is absolute. The offer of Viking Cruises Europe is taken for certain reasons. For instance, taking a new experience on river cruise would be excellent. Floating hotel at Venice delivers convenience and temptation at once. Astonishing works of Renaissance’ artists send lucrative memory. In addition, fitting the history of the ancient with modern life leads to amiable life. Viking Cruises Europe is really exciting to enjoy five days of cruises, crossing the river on board. Spending the night at the swinging vessel is fabulous. So, what do you think?


Remarkable Services to Enjoy during Viking Cruises Europe

 Romance and romantic voyage may be two inseparable things. The following are some services, which take you beyond your initial expectations with Viking Cruises Europe. They include:

  • Deluxe stateroom;
  • Delightful culinary;
  • Excursions to interesting tourism objects; and
  • Cozy and relaxing onboard atmosphere

As you desire to get a river voyage, Viking Cruises Europe may take you down into other destinations, like Russia, Ukraine, China, Southeast Asia and Egypt. Just contact your travel agent to deliver your ultimate satisfaction on board! It is no time but your own pleasure.

River Cruise

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River cruise: a different way of cruising

When holiday come, people will make use the time to have fun with family and friends; cruising is a famous option. Other than ocean cruise, cruise lovers can also enjoy their favorite leisure time taking river cruise. River cruise will be the perfect choice for people visiting or living in the countries with no or very limited access to open ocean.

River cruise offers a unique experience that is distinct from a traditional ocean cruise trip. Unlike ocean cruise which use massive cruise ship, a river cruise utilizes small ship that allows access to narrow waterways. With a river cruise, you will have a chance to visit interesting cities directly from the boat. You don’t have to spend many days at sea experiencing nothing but the blue water and burning sunlight. On a river cruise, the view is always changing as the boat moves from one town to another.

As the ship of the river cruise is smaller, it also means fewer guests. A river cruise usually takes a few hundred guests instead of a few thousand. This way, you will be able to enjoy your vacation in a better atmosphere. Some companies even offer their ships for you to rent and have a private river cruise with families, friends or colleagues. Isn’t it fun?

River cruise is one of the most enjoyable ways to tour countries inEurope. You can visit multiple countries with one cruise only. Your hotel room travels with you, so you don’t need to pack and unpack luggage repeatedly. During the day, your river cruise boat docks in the center of many great cities ofEurope. During the night, you can enjoy your meal or champagne under bright stars while the boat sails to take you to another great city.

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Danube River Cruises

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Cruising Along the Danube River – What Cruise Lines You Can Take ?


Danube River Cruises Budapest

Cruise vacation is gaining more popularity nowadays;  not only in ocean but also in great rivers such as the Danube that stretch along the European Union. There are many

Cruise lines offering Danube River cruises.

1. Avalon Waterways

Avalon Waterways offers 5 days long Danube River cruises. More extensive Danube River cruises add in the Black Sea and sail for 14 days. The line has a special offering called ‘Christmas time on the Danube’ cruises that last for 8, 9, 12 or 16 days. With these Danube River cruises, guests can experience the region’s holiday’s traditions. Guests of these Danube River cruises can enjoy visiting classic Christmas markets in cities including Nuremberg, Regensburg and Vienna as well as tasting traditional food such as warm spiced wine called Gluhwein and Lebkuchen, a classic German Christmas cookie.

2.Viking River Cruises

Viking River Cruises offers a variety of Danube River cruises. The cruise line offers Danube River cruises that last for 8 to 16 days. The longer  River cruises include other European rivers. The ship accommodates up to 150 guests of Danube River cruises while the Viking Legend carries 189 guests. The later ship has 95 deluxe staterooms with either a French balcony or picture window. To make the most of your Danube River cruises, all of the ships have a sun deck that presents unbeatable views of the scenery.

3. Tauck Tours

Budapest at night

Budapest at night

Tauck Tours offers thorough and informative river cruises on 3 riverboats, each holds only 118 guests. There is one Tauck tour director for every 40 guests of Danube River cruises, who manages the itinerary and keeps things running smoothly throughout the trip. A local tour guides is available at each stop to accompany the guests along the trip. Tauck offer 12 days danube river cruises with start from Prague to  Prague, Vienna, Salzburg, Cesky Krumlov, Bratislava and end at Budapest.  These would be your unforgetable cruises.

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Paris River Cruise

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Enjoy the city of Paris differently

Paris River Cruise

Paris, France has so many places to visit and activities to be done for tourists who decided to spent times in the beautiful city. In the heart of the city, there is the Eifel Tower which has always been the main attraction for everyone visiting the city. Then, there is the Seine River that flows through Paris into the English Channel. Enjoy the beauty of the river by taking a Paris river cruise.

Paris river cruise comes in several different themes you can choose. Sight seeing Paris river cruise presents you spots which you often see in scenic postcards. You may also have the opportunity to learn the history of the places you are visiting. Wine tasting Paris river cruise will take you to observe wine making process. Dinner Paris river cruise offers you a romantic dinner experience you will never forget.

Paris Vision is a cruising company offering more of an educational Parisriver cruise. First, you will join a coach tour through Paris. A guide will explain about the history of the city and some major landmarks. Then, the Paris river cruise will cruise along the Seine River presenting you stories associated with landmarks such as the Concorde square, Opera square and Arc de Triomphe. The cruise concludes at the Eiffel Tower.

For wine tasting Paris river cruise, you can try Chateau cruise line. Chateau offers you one hour relaxed and romantic Paris river cruise featuring three different champagnes: a Brut, Demi-secand and Rose. A wine steward will answer your questions on the champagne or on Paris in general.

Otherwise, you may take a dinner Paris river cruise with Golden Cruise. You can enjoy the Paris river cruise on a glass-encased boat, with elegant atmosphere and a live band. The line has three Paris river cruise packages that are available to suit your budget: the Etoile, Select and Premier.

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Seine River Cruise

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Seine River Cruise Highlight

France is one of the most visited countries in the Europe, famous for its romantic atmosphere and amazing scenery plus the celebrated Seine River. The Seine River, running for almost 500 miles, streams through the northwest France.  For you who favor short duration cruise vacation may choose Seine River cruise along the awesome city of Paris. Seine River cruise is one of the most famous water vacations that take you glide along Paris, eye witnessing the left and right side of the river banks. Otherwise, you can spoil yourselves in a nine-day Seine River cruise; travel along the Seine with stops at some of the country’s highlights. There are a lot of companies offering Seine River cruise for tourists, here are two of them.

River Cruise

Viking River Cruise

Viking River Cruise is well-known for its mastery in river cruises. The company offers Seine River cruise that sails on the Seine River toward Normandy.  Seine River cruise with this company is all-inclusive which will benefit you because it means you have your basic needs during the trip covered in your Seine River cruise fare. You don’t need to worry about room and food during the trip. Tours are also included in this Seine River cruise; the tours take place in the mornings. In the afternoons, you are free to go exploring on your own.

Avalon Waterways

Avalon Waterways also operates Seine River cruise that will please every cruise goers. It offers a nine-day Seine River cruise from Paris to Normandy’s landing beaches and back to Paris with all meals are served on-board. The ship is equipped with French balconies and sliding glass doors that enable passengers to enjoy the scenery during the Seine River cruise. Passengers will be delighted to visit the fascinating, provincial towns such as Vernon and Rouen. During these stops, passengers can enjoy sightseeing tours to nearby places.

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