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Cheap Cruises from Florida

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Florida is probably the most famous starting point for many cruises destinations. Four Florida ports in Miami, Tampa, Port Canaveral and Ft. Lauderdale are ready to serve your cruises. With diverse options of cruise lines packages, it is easy to find cheap cruises from Florida. The most common destinations of cheap cruises from Florida are to the Bahamas and the Caribbean.

Cheap cruises from Florida can easily be found if you search the internet. One helpful source to find cheap cruises from Florida is You can find various packages that start as low as $179 for a 3-night Bahamas cruise. Do more research in other website and you may find other cheap cruises from Florida.

You should notice that taking cheap cruises from Florida means you get the lowest class in the cruise ship. You will stay in an interior room if you buy cheap cruises, which means can’t see the ocean from your room. But don’t you worry because those cruises still allow you to enjoy the ocean view from the deck, restaurant or bar. Use a little from your money to buy cheap cruises from Florida and use the rest to pay additional costs required onboard so you can maximize your cruise experience without missing anything.

Besides based on room option, you can get cheap cruises from Florida by other means. Packages of cheap cruises from Florida are usually available during off-season. Last minute deals are also great way to get cheap cruises. Being flexible with cruise date enhance your chance to get the cheap cruises. Special offers go to Florida residents. They can get cheap cruises from Florida if they show their proof of Florida residency when booking cruises.

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River Cruise

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River cruise: a different way of cruising

When holiday come, people will make use the time to have fun with family and friends; cruising is a famous option. Other than ocean cruise, cruise lovers can also enjoy their favorite leisure time taking river cruise. River cruise will be the perfect choice for people visiting or living in the countries with no or very limited access to open ocean.

River cruise offers a unique experience that is distinct from a traditional ocean cruise trip. Unlike ocean cruise which use massive cruise ship, a river cruise utilizes small ship that allows access to narrow waterways. With a river cruise, you will have a chance to visit interesting cities directly from the boat. You don’t have to spend many days at sea experiencing nothing but the blue water and burning sunlight. On a river cruise, the view is always changing as the boat moves from one town to another.

As the ship of the river cruise is smaller, it also means fewer guests. A river cruise usually takes a few hundred guests instead of a few thousand. This way, you will be able to enjoy your vacation in a better atmosphere. Some companies even offer their ships for you to rent and have a private river cruise with families, friends or colleagues. Isn’t it fun?

River cruise is one of the most enjoyable ways to tour countries inEurope. You can visit multiple countries with one cruise only. Your hotel room travels with you, so you don’t need to pack and unpack luggage repeatedly. During the day, your river cruise boat docks in the center of many great cities ofEurope. During the night, you can enjoy your meal or champagne under bright stars while the boat sails to take you to another great city.

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Danube River Cruises

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Cruising Along the Danube River


Danube River Cruises Budapest

Cruise vacation is gaining more popularity nowadays;  not only in ocean but also in great rivers such as the Danube that stretch along the European Union. There are many cruise lines offering Danube River cruises with different packages and facilities.

1. Avalon Waterways

Avalon Waterways offers 5 days long Danube River cruises. More extensive Danube River cruises add in the Black Sea and sail for 14 days. The line has a special offering called ‘Christmas time on the Danube’ cruises that last for 8, 9, 12 or 16 days. With these Danube River cruises, guests can experience the region’s holiday’s traditions. Guests of these Danube River cruises can enjoy visiting classic Christmas markets in cities including Nuremberg, Regensburg and Vienna as well as tasting traditional food such as warm spiced wine called Gluhwein and Lebkuchen, a classic German Christmas cookie.


Viking River Cruises offers a variety of Danube River cruises. The cruise line offers Danube River cruises that last for 8 to 16 days. The longer Danube River cruises include other European rivers. The Viking Danube ship accommodates up to 150 guests of Danube River cruises while the Viking Legend carries 189 guests. The later ship has 95 deluxe staterooms with either a French balcony or picture window. To make the most of your Danube River cruises, all of the ships have a sun deck that presents unbeatable views of the scenery.

3. Tauck Tours

Tauck Tours offers thorough and informative Danube River cruises on 3 riverboats, each holds only 118 guests. There is one Tauck tour director for every 40 guests of Danube River cruises, who manages the itinerary and keeps things running smoothly throughout the trip. A local tour guides is available at each stop to accompany the guests along the trip.

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