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Rhine River Cruise

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Rhine River Cruise

The Rhine River, streaming across countries such as Germany, Austria, the Netherland and Switzerland, promises you breathtaking views. Any Rhine River cruise brings the view of castles, vineyards, valleys as well as middle-aged towns and buildings for you to enjoy.

Even with a single trip of Rhine River cruise, you will have unforgettable moments you will always remember. So if you don’t have much time, you should not worry because a single short Rhine River cruise has everything you need. The following are two of cruise companies that offer short Rhine River cruise.

1. Bingen-Rudesheimer

Bingen-Rudesheimer is one of cruise companies that offer a short Rhine River cruise to Lorelei rock and St. Goar. This Rhine River cruise lasts approximately five hours and is available from spring through the winter. There is also a seven-hour Rhine River cruise castle tour, where you can enjoy the view of Binger Loch, Ehrenfels, Rheinstein and Rechenstein. Every Saturday, the company offers evening dinner Rhine River cruise that lasts for three hours.  You may choose the route of Bingen to Rhein or Rudesheim to Rhein. Check out the company’s site bingen-rudesheimer.com to find out more about their Rhine River cruise.

2. KD Rhine

KD Rhine has various sightseeing cruises you can choose.  A Rhine Rivercruise called Nostalgic Routetakes you on an 11-hour trip from Koblenz, Germany, which include visit to St. Goar, Kaub and Rüdesheim. Another Rhine River cruise named KD Rhine Pass allows you to depart from Bonn, Cologne, Koblenzor Mainz. With this cruise you can stop at any destination the company’s boats serve for one day, which include Bad Godesberg, Unkel, St. Goarshausen and Bingen. It will be better to make online reservations, because their packages are frequently sold out quick. Click their website kdrhine.com to find out more about their offerings.  EBV6E5AEW5YC

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