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Seine River Cruise Highlight

France is one of the most visited countries in the Europe, famous for its romantic atmosphere and amazing scenery plus the celebrated Seine River. The Seine River, running for almost 500 miles, streams through the northwest France.  For you who favor short duration cruise vacation may choose Seine River cruise along the awesome city of Paris. Seine River cruise is one of the most famous water vacations that take you glide along Paris, eye witnessing the left and right side of the river banks. Otherwise, you can spoil yourselves in a nine-day Seine River cruise; travel along the Seine with stops at some of the country’s highlights. There are a lot of companies offering Seine River cruise for tourists, here are two of them.

River Cruise

Viking River Cruise

Viking River Cruise is well-known for its mastery in river cruises. The company offers Seine River cruise that sails on the Seine River toward Normandy.  Seine River cruise with this company is all-inclusive which will benefit you because it means you have your basic needs during the trip covered in your Seine River cruise fare. You don’t need to worry about room and food during the trip. Tours are also included in this Seine River cruise; the tours take place in the mornings. In the afternoons, you are free to go exploring on your own.

Avalon Waterways

Avalon Waterways also operates Seine River cruise that will please every cruise goers. It offers a nine-day Seine River cruise from Paris to Normandy’s landing beaches and back to Paris with all meals are served on-board. The ship is equipped with French balconies and sliding glass doors that enable passengers to enjoy the scenery during the Seine River cruise. Passengers will be delighted to visit the fascinating, provincial towns such as Vernon and Rouen. During these stops, passengers can enjoy sightseeing tours to nearby places.

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