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Yangtze River Cruise

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Experience the Yangtze River Cruise

Yangtze River Cruises

The Yangtze River in China, which streams for almost 4,000 miles long to the East China Sea, offers magnificent combination of rare yet stunning views. The best way to experience everything lies across the river is by taking a Yangtze River cruise. Cruise lovers will definitely take pleasure in Yangtze River cruise as it has many popular places to visit. The most famous stops during Yangtze River cruise are in the river’s gorges which separately called the Wuxia Gorge, Xiling Gorge, and the Qutang Gorge.

As the Yangtze River cruise passes the Wuxia Gorge, visitors can see the legendary Twelve Peaks. This is the main reason people come to visit, especially by Yangtze River cruise. One of the town located here, Zigui, was home to poet Qu Yuan and famous lady Wang Zhaojun.

It is recommended to stop in the city of Baidichengas the Yangtze Rivercruise passes the Qutang Gorge. This historical place offers passengers of Yangtze River cruise numerous historical artifacts such as theArmourCave, Meng Liang’s Ladder, Rhinoceros Watching the Moon, and several others.

The biggest gorge visitors would likely to visit during the Yangtze River cruise is the Xiling Gorge which has two different sections, the west and the east. The west route of Yangtze River cruise takes passengers to visit Bull’s Liver and Horse’s Lung Gorge. The east route includes visiting the Yellow Cat Gorge and the Shadow Play Gorge.

Another stop during Yangtze River cruise will be in Fengdu or the Ghost City. This is the city where local people commemorate the deceased. Passengers of  Yangtze River cruise will have an opportunity to board a gondola which takes them up to the top of the hill. Along the hill, passengers are amused by a line of breathtaking temples and statues.

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